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  • Freelance Professionals Cooperative – Networking, guidance, mentoring, support and representation from Institute  of Outdoor Learning
  • Work in the Outdoors in NSW & ACT – Provided to you by Outdoors NSW & ACT – Opportunities in the Outdoors sector for employment and contracting. Join the teams that provide health and wellbeing for our communities by connecting them to adventure and recreation experiences in nature.
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  • “Vision of the Positive Cycle for the Outdoors Sectors in Australia” – OCA (Outdoor Council Australia)

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We believe learning through experience positively transforms people and our world.

The Association for Experiential Education is a membership organization that strives to elevate and expand the global capacity of Experiential Education. AEE is committed to supporting professional development, theoretical advancement, and the evaluation of Experiential Education Worldwide. 

2020 AEE International Conference

With over 700 attendees from 32 countries, we joyfully came together for 3 days of live events where we danced, we laughed, we virtually hugged, we learned, we taught, and we celebrated our community together through distance. 


The Marina Ewald and Kurt Hahn Address 2020


Coronavirus Pandemic Impact Study (Phase 4): A Survey of the Outdoor and Adventure Education Field

The coronavirus pandemic impact study is an examination of the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on the outdoor and adventure education fields. The purpose of this study is to gather the collective wisdom of people engaged in outdoor and adventure education by asking that you share the changes you have made, or will likely make, in your program and how you envision remaining sustainable in the future. To that extent, we have designed a set of general questions and four themes as currently relevant to this study:

16 General Questions
Theme 1: Safety and Risk Management
Theme 2: Operations, Logistics, and Financial Solvency 
Theme 3: The Nature of Outdoor Programming
Theme 4: Changing Clientele & Staff

While you are welcome to contribute to the collective knowledge in all areas, we ask that you answer the general questions and one theme in full.

Team building from the Toy Aisle

Online virtual team building games resources presented on Day 2 by – Matthew W. Broda (C.O.W. Department of Education) Michelle Cummings (Training Wheels) Trevor Dunlap (Nuhop)